Twisted Mojo is:

Elyse Arias(vocals & guitar)

Elyse grew up in a small artist community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Directly behind her childhood home was the Paolo Soleri amphitheater designed by famed Italian architect, Paolo Soleri. Blues greats such as B.B. King and Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown had played the Soleri during Elyse's childhood. "I never missed a Blues concert, I can remember being no more than two years old sitting in the backyard with my Father grooving to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble absolutely smoking it at the Soleri. I made a commitment at that very moment to convert my jump rope into a microphone, and from there the rest is history." Elyse learned to play the guitar at 13 from one of James Brown's touring guitarists and former bandmate of Styx guitarist, Tommy Shaw. By the age of 15, Elyse was a first chair violinist for the Long Bay Symphony Orchestra, and at 18 the lead guitarist and vocalist for a regionally touring east coast blues band. "I have jam packed a lot of life experiences both positive and negative into my 27 years and I have lived the Blues. For this small statured, shy, and unassuming blonde girl... Blues music has and will always continue to be the gateway to my soul."

"[The Blues] is in him, and it got to come out." John Lee Hooker

Chris Hall(guitar & vocals)

In his own words: "Half-way decent, meatball guitarist who digs the blues."

Kyle Newman (bass & vocals)

With big dreams of free beer and casual sex with strange women, Kyle took up playing the bass at age 18. He began playing on the Rapid City, SD music scene at age 22, playing in several local bands. Due to a "misunderstanding" between himself, some cocaine addicted rodeo clowns, an outlaw motorcycle gang and the DEA, he spent much of the mid-to-late 80's moving from state to state, always one step ahead of the law. In the early 90's, after stealing the identity of dead hobo, he settled in Des Moines, IA and began playing once again in such non-noteworthy groups as The Epoch Chanticleers, and Double Ought (his first blues band). After yet another misunderstanding, this time with a local pig farmer and his under-age daughter (she swore she was 18!), he moved to New Mexico in 1995 and played in several local groups. In 2004 he formed Plat-Eye Prowl, which later became Twisted Mojo. He swears to this day that sanding off his finger prints in no way hinders his playing.

Dan Camera (drums)

Inspired to be a musician the first time I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, I apparently must be quite ancient. I mean, who the hell knows Ed Sullivan anymore? That reminds me...I grew up just north of New York City and, when I was a kid, maybe 12 years old, I was watching Ed live one Sunday night. There was a Korean violin virtuoso performing, and I just had a random thought, "Wouldn't it be bizarre if she broke a string?" Sproing! At that very moment, one of her strings did, indeed, snap right there, live, on the air. And it was bizarre, don't you think?

Jack Bartberger (blues harp & vocals)

Jack Bartberger, the oldest member of Twisted-Mojo, has several decades of harmonica experience, and is a former professional kazoo and triangle player. He loves the blues and is a self taught harp player. Jack has been greatly influenced by some of the really great contemporary harp players such as Charlie Musselwhite, Rick Estrin, James Cotton, Gary Primich, Mark Hummel, and many of the true masters that are long gone.....just to name a few. He is married, retired, living the good life, and having the good fortune to play in a blues and rock 'n roll band with really great musicians and a talented singer.

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